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Services slogan: customer satisfaction is our biggest wish.

Service tenet: customer is always god.

Service purpose: to ensure that every customer sitting on almost every day.

Service concept: to science and technology as the forerunner, take the service as the backing.

Acceptance of service: customer service call by the specialist is responsible for answering and accepted.

Service hotline: 0577-86253010.


Cleaning and maintenance of power plug

Please clean the power plug regularly: when cleaning, unplug the power plug from the socket and wipe it with a dry cloth. Dust accumulated on the plug may cause a fire.

The toilet clean is the main part of the cleaning and maintenance

Clean the machine surface, use a soft cloth wet wipe.

1. cleaning and maintenance, the first plug out of the socket, to avoid the power plug contact with water.

2. the product surface has stubborn stains, can use soft cloth wet, stained with kitchen detergent (neutral) scrub.

Toilet cleaner cleaning and maintenance of ceramic parts

Pour neutral detergent into soft brush or sponge and rinse with tap water.

1. do not use chlorine, acid cleaning agent or disinfectant to clean.

2. do not use abrasive brush.

Cleaning and maintenance of shower nozzle

Nozzle cleaning and maintenance in the normal boot state, press the nozzle cleaning key, the nozzle will be water self-cleaning. At the same time, you can use your hand to extend the nozzle slightly out of the distance and brush with a toothbrush, do not force the nozzle stretching.

Cleaning and maintenance of inlet filter screen

【1】First, close the inlet valve and stop the water supply.

【2】Unscrew the inlet hose, unscrew and take out the filter screen, rinse the filter directly with tap water and wash the filter screen with a small brush.

【3】After cleaning, re install it (the filter and sealing ring can not be omitted) and tighten tightly.

【4】Finally open the inlet valve and check that the filter is leaking. In case of leakage, please check again and reinstall.

For long-term use, not for use

When the product is not used for a long time, in order to prevent water pollution and water from freezing, please make sure that the water in this product is discharged, turn off the power supply and take out the battery of the remote controller.

【1】First, close the inlet valve and stop the water supply

【2】Pull off the power plug from the socket.

【3】Remove the inlet hose from the inlet valve, drain the water from the hose and install it back.

【4】Press the manual wash button of the main engine and release the water in the flushing tank.

【5】Pull off the power plug from the socket

When the utility model is used again, the water inlet valve is opened, and the power plug is inserted back into the socket to start the machine

Drainage treatment of warm water tank

For daily cleaning and maintenance, drain the water tank and drain the bottom of the warm water tank for fouling. (it is recommended to drain once every other month.)

1.Use the screwdriver and other tools to push the water tank drain button to the inside of the main engine". When you hear "gnaw", turn on the drain of the warm water tank and drain.

2.After the water is clean, please do the operation again and close the drain.

When freezing occurs

In the cold season, the toilet cleaner may be damaged because of the freezing. In order to avoid freezing, please keep the power on, and do the following.

【1】Seat temperature, temperature and water temperature are set to the most high-end. Seat temperature and water temperature.

【2】Lift the power saving function and turn on the room heating.

In case the water inlet hose is frozen inside, the spraying water will not come out. Please use the cloth soaked with warm water to heat the water delivery hose, slowly thaw, or turn on the heating, and then naturally thaw the room

When dew occurs

The room temperature and toilet bidet causes part of a host machine, ceramic surface temperature and humidity difference, bidet toilet, ceramic part host surface may lead to drops (condensation). Please take full ventilation in the bathroom to avoid condensation. When dew occurs, apply to cloth to wipe.

Remote control battery replacement

When the remote control is received frequently, the reception is not sensitive or the remote control display icon is not clear, please replace the new battery.

1.When installing batteries, do not reverse the positive and negative poles of the battery.

2.Do not use new or different batteries at the same time.

3.Batteries must be removed when not in use for a long time.


Some faults can be eliminated by simple operation. Please confirm the following items before commissioning.


Reason analysis

Removal method

Press the power button not to work (the power indicator is not lit) Is the power socket energized? Please make sure whether the power failure or circuit breaker is tripped or not.
Is the plug in open at the beginning? (does the power plug indicator go out?) Press the power button on the power plug and light the power indicator of the main screen.
Is the power plug plugged in? The power plug to plug, and totally inserted.
The remote controller is insensitive or unresponsive Does the remote control battery run out? Replace the battery
Does the transmitter of the remote control stick with dirty water or water stains? Wipe water stains and Hou decontamination
Does the remote screen display time only? Press the remote control power button to turn on the remote control.
Seat temperature, water temperature and drying temperature are not hot enough Check that the remote control or host display is properly installed Use the remote control to set the temperature.
Check for power saving Lift power saving settings
Button no response Under normal working conditions, some buttons do not respond? Some operations are not simultaneous (such as cleaning, no flushing). Please read the instructions carefully.
There is no sprinkler, the nozzle can not extend or spray, the water potential is very weak Alarm, main screen water temperature indication E6 Is the water running without water? Waiting for tap water to recover
Is the inlet valve open? Open inlet valve
Is the mesh of the filter blocked? Open the filter and clean the strainer
No alarm Is the water pressure too low? Is the gear for cleaning the water potential at the lowest level? The water potential intensity is increased by the "+" bond of water potential.
Did you hear the cue when someone was sitting there? Is it within the effective range of the sensor? Please sit on the seat and adjust your seat position properly.
The deodorant fan doesn't work Is the deodorizing function on? Press the deodorizing function key of the remote control
Drying does not work or stops halfway Did you hear the cue when someone was sitting there? Is it within the effective range of the sensor? Please sit on the seat and adjust your seat position properly.
Automatic bidet can automatic flushing Is the auto washing function in "off" condition? The function of automatic flushing is set as "open""

No water tank construction