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Product function

Intelligent remote control, unlimited interest

All functions can be set with clear and clear remote control. Convenient, free, arbitrary, to give you unlimited fun.

Seat slow down, caring plus

The specially designed seat drop function prevents you from being disturbed by the sound of a sudden fall of the seat.

Seat warm up to warm times

The four gear (at room temperature and 34 C, 37 C and 40 C) adjustable seat heating temperature in the cold winter, make your toilet feel warm and comfortable, sharing your seat in the winter was cold worry and trouble, send warm care.

Nozzle self-cleaning, carefree

You may have doubts about the cleanliness of the showerhead, but you really don't need it. Every time before cleaning and after cleaning, it will automatically clean the nozzle, and its work is absolutely effective.

Intelligent deodorant to purify air

With high-tech automatic deodorant function, concentrated filtering and purification of toilet and bathroom odor, indoor air fresh and natural.

The seat ring is antibacterial and comfortable

The seat ring is made of international advanced antibacterial material, it can effectively kill bacteria attached to the seat ring, and prevent bacteria from cross infection, so that you can sit comfortably and feel comfortable.

Warm air drying, dry and comfortable

Adopt four sets of temperature adjustable warm air drying technology, according to personal habits and preferences for moderate temperature regulation, you can wash the toilet to speed up the buttocks and the surrounding dry, but also you a refreshing yourself.

Women clean, unique and comprehensive

Designed specifically for female friends, the temperature and cleaning can be adjusted with the cleaning device, to prevent bacterial infection, more reflect on the female friends meticulous care, interpretation of unique bathroom culture. Exquisite woman, high grade life, health products of choice.

Clean buttocks, clean and sanitary

The use of single hole type strong cleaning, cleaning all residual dirt, and truly clean and sanitary.

Automatic flushing, environmental protection, water saving

It has a humanized automatic flushing function. It can be flushed automatically when you leave the toilet for 5 seconds without manual operation. More hygienic, more intelligent and more humane.

Clean with warm water, clean and healthy

The four files (at room temperature and 34 C, 37 C and 40 C IFM temperature control, according to personal preferences, the use of filtration and magnetized clean warm water washing in all directions, timely removal of small dirt in the anus after residues prevent bacteria. Health products, a comfortable.

Auto fouling is better

Ceramic used nano science and technology, greatly enhanced the toilet wear-resisting, anti fouling performance, to avoid contamination, even if accidentally stained with stains can also be easily wiped.

Lighting at night, accompanied by light

Products in the night to open a warm and soft cylinder light illumination, when you go to the toilet at night to bring convenience and comfort.

Security protection, escort

The power switch adopts the high tech leakage protector. Once the leakage phenomenon occurs, the leakage protector will switch off the power supply immediately, and will escort you for safe use.

Efficient power-saving, much cheaper

When not in use, the utility model can switch on the power-saving function, and the utility model can be restored to the setting temperature immediately when sitting, so that the power resource can not be wasted when you sleep or work without the use of the same time. Truly high-tech energy-saving products, smart toilet power-saving master.

Magnetization, washing, sterilization

In medicine, magnetized water not only kills many kinds of bacteria and viruses, but also can cure many kinds of diseases. It can also activate the skin cells and prevent all kinds of skin diseases. All products make the magnetized water is no longer a luxury.

Reciprocating cleaning, adjustable multi shift

Adopting double tube type cleaning device, with multi file front and rear positions, adjustable reciprocating cleaning and massage dual functions. Multi position before and after the adjustable position, you can easily capture the cleaning parts; reciprocating massage cleaning function, not only expanded the cleaning area, more importantly, to bring you comfortable enjoyment.

Two files flushing, energy saving and environmental protection

3/6L two file flushing way, more water conservation, truly low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection.

LCD display at a glance

With the color LED electronic display screen, the running conditions and internal parameters of time, water temperature and seat temperature are all clear. Truly digital, scientific and technological, humane.

technical parameter

Instant heating

Rated voltage AC220V50HZ
Rated power 1650W
Power cord 1.5M
Water pressure range 0.05 (dynamic pressure) to 0.75MPa (static pressure)
Flushing water volume < 6L
The remote controller specifications LWH:220/90/26.5(mm)
Use three section 7 alkaline dry cell
Clean Water pressure control 4 segments adjustable
Water temperature control The 4 paragraph is adjustable: 34 ~ 40 degrees centigrade (at normal temperature)
Water temperature heating power 1600W
Safety device Thermal fuse
Buttock cleaning 0.3~0.7l /分钟(水压≥0.15MPa)
Female cleaning 0.3~0.9L/min(hydraulic pressure≥0.15MPa)
Dry wind speed > 4m/s
heating power 350W
Wind temperature regulation 4 stalls adjustable: 34 ~ 55 degrees (can be set at ambient temperature)
Safety device Recoverable heat protector, thermal fuse
Seat heating heating power 48W
Seat temperature 4 stalls adjustable: 34 ~ 40 degrees centigrade (at normal temperature)
Safety device Thermal fuse
Deodorizing device Deodorizing fan power 3W
Deodorant Catalyst deodorizing box